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Kids Summer Camp 2021


Classes are five consecutive days (Mon-Fri). Each class is two hours (9-11 am or 1-3 pm). Each student cooks individually at their own cooktop and prep station. No group cooking here! Every day, campers will cook a full meal, and usually have leftovers to take home!

Level 1 Culinary Academy

In this 5-day Culinary Academy, students are introduced, hands-on, to all the aspects of the kitchen. They'll learn about kitchen equipment, safety, knife skills, and hygiene. Then the real fun begins as each camper will make their own foods like pizza, tacos, and mother sauces. We'll have a day of flavor dynamics where we focus on tasting and understanding the foundations of flavor. On the last day things heat up with a Secret Ingredient Competition!

Level 2 Culinary Academy
This Level 2 Culinary Academy is a 5-day camp for students who already have some kitchen confidence and want to up their game.  We will focus on techniques and skills that students can use in all of their cooking, not just when making these recipes. Each day has a new menu and new techniques to learn. Students will do everything from start to finish. On the last day things heat up with a Secret Ingredient Competition!

Around the World in Four Cuisines
Around the World in Four Cuisines is a five-day culinary tour where students will learn hands-on how to make traditional dishes from four distinct cultures.  Students will spend one day each in Mexico, Greece, Thailand, and Japan learning related techniques, recipes, and nutrition.  On the final day, the Secret Ingredient Competition challenges students skills, knowledge, and creativity.