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Date Night Sushi Workshop

Learning to prepare perfect sticky rice and create artful sushi rolls can be a fun dinner party with friends or a romantic date night in.

Date Night Fall Comfort Food

This menu will fill you up with the flavors of fall and leave you wanting to sip some wine by the fire. We'll start with rich and crispy potato pancakes served with sour cream and chives. Then, we'll teach you the hows and whys of brining meat before walking you through an excellent method for searing a pork chop to perfection without drying it out, and how to make a pan sauce. On the side, you will cook some braised red cabbage with bacon, and our chef will serve up some roasted butternut squash family style.

Homemade Gnocchi Workshop

In this class, you'll learn the technique behind making basic gnocchi dough, then transform it into a savory recipe and a dessert recipe. Add Panko-Crusted chicken and you have a meal!

Oct 19
Daytime Private Event
Oct 19
Authentic Chinese: Super Stir Fries
Oct 20
Chicken Enchiladas Done Right