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Homemade Corn Tortilla Street Tacos

These tacos are made even better than usual because you will make fresh corn tortillas with our tortilla presses. This is a great weeknight meal that can bring the whole family together.

Stuffed Shells Dinner

Savory Stuffed Shells make for a delicious meal - and are easy to prepare for a small group or a large one.

Date Night India

Have you made Indian food at home and wondered why it doesn't quite taste like the restaurant? What are they doing differently? Do they have some secret ingredients? The rich flavors of Indian cooking will be easier for you to replicate after taking this class.

Jan 29
Date Night KY Bourbon Steak
Feb 1
Homemade Ricotta & Pasta Cavatelli al Limone
Feb 2
Lava Cakes & Creme Brulee