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Discover your Inner Chef

From the moment The Learning Kitchen was born, we knew we wanted our cooking classes to be different from others in the Cincinnati, OH area. Each month we offer a class calendar for cooks of all skill levels, using seasonal foods that are locally grown when possible.

Hands-On Cooking Classes

Our hands-on classes are truly hands-on, you'll cook at your own cooktop and eat all you group cooking here!

The center of our kitchen is a cooking island equipped with 12 student stations and an instructor's station. Each student has two burners, pots and pans and all the tools needed to cook the day's menu.

Our teaching chefs don't just tell you how to cook, you actually learn the techniques and recipes by cooking your own meal. From chopping the onion to sautéing the chicken to cutting the phyllo, you'll get to do it all—which really is the best way to learn. When the meal is complete, everyone gathers around the dining table to enjoy what they've created. All students receive copies of the day's recipes to take home.

After-Class Discounts

On the day of class you'll save 20% on Kitchen Boutique product purchases and future class registrations.  Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to gift cards.  Future classes must be booked in-store to receive the discount.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum 7-day notice via phone or in-person (not email) is required for class cancellations or rescheduling. This policy is in place to keep the costs of our classes as low as possible and ensure that seats are sold to those committed to attending.

In the event we have a waiting list for your class and we are able to fill your spot with someone from that list, we will issue a store credit for the cost of your class which can be used toward a future class.  

If you are unable to attend a class, you are encouraged to send someone in your place. We cannot make exceptions.


Date Night

Chicken Marsala, with its slightly sweet, rich and savory sauce, is a great recipe to have in your culinary arsenal for dinner parties or any special night. This meal starts with a salad, then for the main course you and your date will cook chicken marsala, parmesan polenta, and pan-roasted brussels sprouts.

Cost: $ 170.00
This menu will fill you up with the flavors of fall and leave you wanting to sip some wine by the fire. We'll start with rich and crispy potato pancakes served with sour cream and chives. Then, we'll teach you the hows and whys of brining meat before walking you through an excellent method for searing a pork chop to perfection without drying it out, and how to make a pan sauce. On the side, you will cook some braised red cabbage with bacon, and our chef will serve up some roasted butternut squash family style.

Cost: $ 175.00
Start your weekend right with this rustic yet elegant meal of Salad, Coffee Rubbed Filet Mignon, Risotto and Saute of Bacon studded Kale and Spinach.

Cost: $ 175.00
Taken from the menu of the popular TV show Hell's Kitchen, this menu is elegant, gorgeous and delicious!

Cost: $ 175.00
The deeply layered flavors of Indian cooking will be easy for you to make at home after taking this class. Chef Sinha is passionate about cooking and has adapted traditional Indian cooking methods for cooking at home.

Cost: $ 160.00
This is one of our most popular and highest reviewed classes, and with good reason! We all know Kentucky Bourbon is some of the finest drink in the world, but in this class, we'll be using it to flavor our food! Start the night with a simple but flavorful salad, and once that's out of the way, we move on to the real reason you signed up, a NY Strip with a lovely sauce made from bourbon, shallots, butter, and cream, can't go wrong there! We've also go two awesome sides to fill you up...

Cost: $ 175.00
This steak class is perfect for a date any night of the week or a Saturday dinner party. In this class, you and your date will share a cooking station and eat everything you prepare.

Cost: $ 175.00
Salmon and Creamy Risotto make for a special meal for entertaining or just a delicious night in. Just so you know, this doesn't have to be a romantic date. It could be a friend date or a good chance to take Mom out for a Mother's day!

Cost: $ 170.00
If you are looking for a fun and delicious Date Night that gets you preparing food you may have never attempted at home, this class is for you.

Cost: $ 175.00
Pizza from scratch may seem like a daunting task, but it's not as hard as you think! In this class you'll make your own pizza dough, neapolitan pizza sauce, and you'll even pull your own mozzarella from curds! We'll also have a few toppings for you to choose from, and then its into the oven to cook our pizzas on a stone (the best way). Our chef will make a big Caesar salad to be served family style. This class runs a little different than our usual class, so please read the description before signing up.

Cost: $ 160.00
Wine & food is a subject that can take a lifetime to understand, and we're okay with that, because all of the time spent learning is also time spent enjoying great food and drinks! In this class, Chef and Level 1 Sommelier Timmy Kirk is going to talk about the main theories behind food & wine pairing and demonstrate, through tasting, how these theories play out. You'll get a three ounce pour of 5 different wines and a dish to try with each.

Cost: $ 175.00