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Discover your Inner Chef

From the moment The Learning Kitchen was born, we knew we wanted our cooking classes to be different from others in the Cincinnati, OH area. Each month we offer a class calendar for cooks of all skill levels, using seasonal foods that are locally grown when possible.

Hands-On Cooking Classes

Our hands-on classes are truly hands-on, you'll cook at your own cooktop and eat all you group cooking here!

The center of our kitchen is a cooking island equipped with 12 student stations and an instructor's station. Each student has two burners, pots and pans and all the tools needed to cook the day's menu.

Our teaching chefs don't just tell you how to cook, you actually learn the techniques and recipes by cooking your own meal. From chopping the onion to sautéing the chicken to cutting the phyllo, you'll get to do it all—which really is the best way to learn. When the meal is complete, everyone gathers around the dining table to enjoy what they've created. All students receive copies of the day's recipes to take home.

After-Class Discounts

On the day of class you'll save 20% on Kitchen Boutique product purchases and future class registrations.  Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to gift cards.  Future classes must be booked in-store to receive the discount.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum 7-day notice via phone or in-person (not email) is required for class cancellations or rescheduling. This policy is in place to keep the costs of our classes as low as possible and ensure that seats are sold to those committed to attending.

In the event we have a waiting list for your class and we are able to fill your spot with someone from that list, we will issue a store credit for the cost of your class which can be used toward a future class.  

If you are unable to attend a class, you are encouraged to send someone in your place. We cannot make exceptions.


Cooking Classes

When the seasons start to turn, the leaves change color, and the weather gets chilly, something happens in our brains and bodies that makes us crave the warm comfort of a bowl of rich and hot soup. Is there anything more satisfying after a day of being out in the cold than slurping down soup that warms you to your core? French Onion Soup and New England Clam Chowder are on the menu tonight!

Cost: $ 70.00
We've pulled recipes from three of the Food Network Chefs to create one great meal!

Cost: $ 70.00
Remove the mystery from cooking steak at home by learning the techniques that you will practice in this class. Our Chef will cover how to purchase steaks, what cuts to use for different cooking techniques and cooking temperatures using an instant read thermometer.

Cost: $ 75.00
Sliders are a great way to feed a crowd and keep it interesting with different combos of meats and toppings. If you're like us and you could always go for a bit more, sliders are awesome for getting that satisfied feeling. You'll also make your own batch of barbecue sauce and have a good amount to take home!

Cost: $ 65.00
Galettes have become more and more popular over the last few years. There's a few good reasons for that... You know the saying "easy as pie"? Well a galette is even easier! You don't have to make it fit into a pan, make a lattice topping, or blind bake it at all. Just roll the dough out, make a great filling, fold the sides up, and bake. In this class we'll show you how to make the ultimate galette/pie crust, and you'll us it to make two galettes, one savory and one sweet.

Cost: $ 75.00
A little intimidated by Turkey Day? We're help to help you prepare! Many Thanksgiving based cooking classes will cook up a turkey and the chef will demonstrate how to carve it, but we had another idea... What if each person cooked a cornish hen and then carved it themselves? This way everybody can learn how to carve with first hand experience, since the cornish hen and a turkey have almost exactly the same anatomy! That's not all though, read the full description for everything you'll learn...

Cost: $ 80.00
Chef Bobby Flay is known for bold flavors and balanced spices and in this class you'll prepare three of our favorites.

Cost: $ 75.00
Ohio native Michael Symon is fun to watch on The Chew and is a formidable competitor on Iron Chef. You'll create one of his bold and balanced meals in this class.

Cost: $ 65.00
Making risotto may sound intimidating, but Chef will take all the mystery out of it in this class. After a salad first course, you'll learn the steps to creating a quality risotto, and how turn it into something fantastic, a Rich Wild Mushroom & Bacon Risotto! Because we like to have options, you'll also make a Fresh Herb & Parmesan Risotto with Peas. The Chef will also demonstrate a Dessert Risotto with Vanilla and Orange.

Cost: $ 70.00
Salmon and Creamy Risotto make for a special meal for entertaining or just a delicious night in.

Cost: $ 75.00
You've been asking for it and here's your opportunity to show off your kitchen prowess! You and a friend will team up to prepare a complete meal for two using 3 Secret Ingredients. The team members with the highest combined score will each take home a $25. Learning Kitchen Gift Card and bragging rights!

Cost: $ 170.00
Test Class

Cost: $ 1.00 - $ 2.00