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Kids Classes

Everyone loves desserts! In today's class you'll make 3 different desserts each teaching different cooking skills.

Cost: $ 55.00
Mediterranean food is so enticing, and nothing beats the drama of freshly made bread. In this class you'll make a Greek salad with a vinaigrette, marinated chicken, handmade flatbread, and everybody's favorite... tzatziki sauce!

Cost: $ 60.00
If you think pizza can only be made in an oven, this class is for you. Chef will show you how to make the perfect Grilled Pan Pizza. Load your pizza with your choice to toppings and be amazed as you transform it from a gooey dough to a mouthwatering meal.

Cost: $ 60.00
We?ve never met a crepe we didn?t like. In this class, students will make a little extra crepe batter so they can take a few practice runs and perfect their technique. We?ll talk about tips and tricks that will make crepe making less daunting and more fun!

Cost: $ 60.00
Mixing and pressing Corn Tortillas from fresh ingredients is fun and cooking them into 3 Tacos is delicious!

Cost: $ 60.00
A somewhat unlikely combo, this super fun and yummy class is inspired by a popular menu selection at some of your favorite restaurants.

Cost: $ 60.00
If you?ve never had spaetzle, you?re missing out. They fall somewhere between a noodle and a dumpling. Kids love 'em. Do you know what else kids love? Cheese. So, we?re going to learn how to make a delicious cheese sauce. And don't forget the chicken schnitzel!

Cost: $ 60.00
Buttery noodles, a crispy chicken cutlet topped with a homemade tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, rich parmesan, and some fresh parsley. What more could you ask for? Dessert, of course. Strawberry shortcake to be specific. Yum!

Cost: $ 130.00
Lots of people crave Chinese takeout - and one of the most ordered is Orange Chicken with its slightly sweet and sour sauce.

Cost: $ 125.00