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Skills Class

If you're looking for a class for beginners, here it is. We'll start with the basics and you'll leave feeling confident in the kitchen.

Cost: $ 75.00
Knowing how to choose, care for, and use knives correctly can make your confidence in the kitchen soar! You will focus on knife skills and make a Panzanella Salad. Meanwhile, our Chef will make and serve Shrimp Scampi for the main course so you don't go home hungry!

Cost: $ 60.00
If you've always wanted to try your hand at fermenting and pickling, this is the way to get started. It's really not as intimidating as it seems, especially when you have someone who knows what they're doing to give you the basic knowledge you need to get started with confidence. You'll go home with 5 jars of summery goodness!

Cost: $ 70.00
Have you ever really focused in on how to taste and balance flavors in food? Drawing ideas from the ingenious "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" by Samin Nosrat and the cook's best friend "The Flavor Bible" we will experiment to gain a better understanding of how we use the 5 tastes to our culinary advantage. This class will work like a "choose your own adventure" book. As a bonus, we'll finish by "flavor tripping" with miracle berries that turn sour foods sweet!

Cost: $ 65.00
Pan Sauces are one of the most discussed cooking techniques in all our classes - and is one of the fastest ways to dress up a simple dinner. In this class, you will focus on the technique of creating quick and flavorful pan sauces, then use those techniques to dress up three favorite proteins.

Cost: $ 70.00
Looking to improve or add variety to your chicken cooking skills? This class is part of a popular series which focuses on the techniques involved in cooking an often-used ingredient. Cooking at your own induction cooktop you'll learn three different ways to season, cook and sauce chicken.

Cost: $ 75.00