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Cooking Classes

We will be closed to celebrate the 4th of July!

Cost: $ FREE
Porcini mushrooms are some of the most flavorful mushrooms out there, and we'll use them to make a rich luscious sauce to top our NY Strip steaks. With sides of a garden fresh salad with homemade dressing, herb-roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach and kale, this becomes a well-rounded meal.

Cost: $ 175.00
Gnocchi can be so many things - an elegant meal for entertaining or a time saving alternative to homemade pasta. In this class, you'll learn the technique behind making basic gnocchi dough, then transform it into a savory recipe and a dessert recipe. Add Panko-Crusted chicken and you have a meal!

Cost: $ 60.00
Start off your Kentucky Bourbon evening with Chef teaching you and your Date how to make a flavor balanced vinaigrette to top your salad of Crisp Garden Fresh Greens, Cheese, Apples and Toasted Walnuts...then on to the Steaks!

Cost: $ 75.00
Life is like a sandwich, you have to fill it with the best ingredients. We're making a couple of delicious sandwiches, one served with oven fries and the other with chips. We'll finish it all off with cherries jubilee, an awesome and easy summer dessert!

Cost: $ 65.00
Sliders are a great way to feed a crowd and keep it interesting with different combos of meats and toppings. If you're like us and you could always go for a bit more, sliders are awesome for getting that satisfied feeling. You'll also make your own batch of barbecue sauce and have a good amount to take home!

Cost: $ 65.00
Three dishes centered around three stars of summer eating: fresh sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and the versatile zucchini. There's certainly no better time of year to eat this meal than right in the peak of summer harvest. Take advantage of the hard work of our local farmers and give their produce the respect it deserves with this meal.

Cost: $ 65.00
We've got three meals that require no sides so you can whip up a quick and tasty meal that doesn't heat up your whole house and get back to having summer fun. You'll make each of these three meals, so you definitely won't go home hungry, and you'll probably even have leftovers.

Cost: $ 70.00
You've been asking for it and here's your opportunity to show off your kitchen prowess! You and a friend will team up to prepare a complete meal for two using 3 Secret Ingredients. The team members with the highest combined score will each take home a $25. Learning Kitchen gift card!

Cost: $ 175.00
One of our favorite versions of surf & turf, this menu is really impressive. Start the evening preparing a Garden Fresh Green Salad. Next you'll prepare a luxurious Crab and Avocado Salad that will top your steak. Then you'll prepare a Chipotle Chili Seasoned NY Strip Steak with a wine reduction pan sauce. Add a crispy Potato Hash and you've just made a high end restaurant worthy meal.

Cost: $ 80.00