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Homemade Pasta & Meatballs Workshop

Making fresh pasta is a great skill to learn and one that can help make delicious and impressive meals at home! In this class, you'll make your own Pasta Dough with simple ingredients, as you learn how to knead and rest the dough then use an Italian Pasta Machine to make Linguini.

Date Night Filet & Risotto

Treat yourself to a lovely dinner that checks all the boxes. Salad w/ Homemade Vinaigrette, check. Filet Mignon w/ Brandy Peppercorn Pan Sauce, Rich and Creamy Risotto topped w/ Peppered Bacon, and Buttery Roasted Carrots Drizzled with Balsamic, check check check.

Private Event

The kitchen is closed this evening for a Private Event. The Boutique remains open normal hours.

Dec 1
Private Event
Dec 1
Date Night Rosemary Steak w/ Bacon Scalloped Potatoes
Dec 2
Date Night Homemade Pasta Carbonara and Italian Mousse