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Locally Owned 
and Growing
Since 2008

The Learning Kitchen is Greater Cincinnati's premier cooking class destination. Our take on cooking is simple: it should be easy, fun, and delicious. Discover Your Inner Chef in our truly hands-on cooking classes. You'll cook at your own cooktop and eat what you group cooking here!

Both of Our State-of-the-Art Kitchens were designed around our educational cooking classes. Whether you're a gourmet chef, seasoned home cook or don't know the difference between a stock pot and a sauté pan, you'll find classes that give you the confidence and skills to cook great food.

Our beautiful Kitchen Boutique invites you to linger and ask questions. We encourage you to try products in the kitchen before you buy. It's an exciting, new shopping and learning experience.

What sets us apart from other cooking schools?

Upon arrival, each guest, or couple during Date Night classes, will have their own ingredients set out at their own cook station.

Each station is equipped with 2 induction cooktops, a cutting board, chef's knife, and the kitchen tools needed for the class.

Guests prepare and cook their own other guests will touch your food.

No Group Cooking Here! 

The Perfect Gift

Have a friend or family member who is hard to buy for? Have foodies in your life who love to learn new things? Our gift card is the perfect choice. It's also great for marketing promotions, employee incentives and business gifts. Cards can be used towards cooking classes or boutique products and can be reloaded.

Gift card values never expire.


Common Gift Card Amounts 

Kids Class: $75.00 
Adult Class: $90.00 
Date Night Class: $200.00 

Purchasing Options

Gift Certificate to Print or Email

In Store or Curbside Pickup

When you visit our store for an In-Store purchase or Curbside Pickup, we'll package your Gift Card in a glossy gift box decorated with a ribbon and our signature mini-whisk...all in a gift bag ready for giving. 


Print Gift of a Class Certificate