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Welcome to The Learning Kitchen! In our kitchen boutique, we offer top-quality cooking essentials from cookware to knives &#emdash; and everything in-between. Our products like designer aprons, gourmet spices, oils and vinegars make great gifts.

The heart of our kitchen is our island. Twelve individual cooking stations provide each student with a two-burner induction cooktop, cookware, cutting board and knives. This truly hands-on approach to learning techniques is what sets our classes apart.

Our kitchen and boutique are filled with interesting surprises, like this magnetic bamboo knife block by Messermeister. As you shop, we encourage you to try our products in the kitchen.

Guests in our cooking classes are provided with all the tools and ingredients needed to make a full meal based on the class topic. From here, participants prep and cook the recipes under the guidance of a chef.

Our kitchen equipment by Wolf and Sub-Zero is top-of-the-line. Our cooktops use induction technology, the most efficient, environmentally friendly and safest method available. They heat remarkably fast, offer precise control and are cool to the touch when you remove a pot or pan.

The Learning Kitchen functions much like a home kitchen would. We want our guests to feel comfortable in our space, so creating a home-like environment was priority for us. These double-ovens from Wolf complement the way we cook and bake.

Sub-Zero was the only way to go for spacious, reliable refrigeration in our kitchen. We also have a beverage center for private events.

Class topics vary by month, by season and by guests’ requests. We’re constantly seeking out new inspiration through cookbooks, ingredients and specialty items, like the O Olive Oils and vinegars shown here.

We’ve gotten many surprise reactions to our dining room! We think it‘s only natural for you to be able to sit down and enjoy the meal you just prepared. Many guests have made new friends while eating here.

The Learning Kitchen is a true boutique &#emdash; a quaint local store offering unique items and great gifts. We carry a full line of designer aprons in contemporary styles that complement your décor and taste.

Gourmet food like Black Cherry Cognac Sauce and Champagne Vinegar are just some of the delicious finds in our boutique. We also love supporting other local businesses, which is why we carry Sturkey’s Salad Dressing and Spice.

Quality cookware goes a long way in a kitchen. Our flagship line is from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and it’s what our guests use in class, too. We love its 7-ply, copper-core construction and even heating. CIA products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Ahhh, the joy of cooking in cast iron &#emdash; and Lodge makes some of the best! We love their dutch ovens for stewing, braising and making soups. Stop in to see all of the colors and styles from Lodge.

Mauviel is quite possibly the best cookware we’ve ever used. It’s constructed from seven layers of metal with an aluminum core. Handmade in France, Mauviel will stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation. All pieces are dishwasher safe and carry a lifetime guarantee.

From the funky and modern Miam Miam line to the natural kitchen scrubbers from Loofah-art, you never know what’s in store at The Learning Kitchen. Miam Miam’s Cuddle Canisters were an Oprah favorite!

New products, like this fall set, arrive at The Learning Kitchen regularly. We seek out the latest trends while maintaining demand for high-quality, staple products.

Children are always welcome in our boutique! We have kids’ aprons, placemats, lunch boxes and fun items like star-shaped ice cube molds. These dinnerware sets are perfect gifts for the little sous chef in your life.

Our kids’ section even has cookbooks for the little ones. We have a play kitchen to keep your kids happy and entertained while you browse.

Unique cookbooks can be found at The Learning Kitchen. The Big Book series and titles from Mark Bittman, Alton Brown and Julia Child are some of our popular books.

Our bakeware section has fun surprises like boldly colored sugars and quality baking pans, molds, sheets and racks.

O Olive Oil is one of our guests’ favorite product lines. We love their flavored oils and specialty vinegars. And the 10-year-old balsamic vinegar is quite a special treat!

Stainless steel tools like these from Cuisipro demonstrate the level of quality found in our products. Well constructed, these tools have a 25-year guarantee and are beautifully designed.

Some gadgets will sit in a drawer until they get thrown away. Others, like these graters from Microplane, seem to never get put away! We use these every day for zesting citrus, grating cheese and shaving chocolate.

Form and function combine in this great pepper mill collection from PepArt. Each piece is hand painted by an artist and will make a beautiful statement in your kitchen.

Our gift cards come packaged in a box with our signature ribbon and mini whisk. The Learning Kitchen gift bag and tissue paper complete this perfect present for the foodie in your life.

Our designer towels are one of the lines we change with the seasons. Stop by regularly for new designs to complement your kitchen.

When we’re cleaning the kitchen, visitors often ask what smells so nice &#emdash; it’s Caldrea! This line of all-natural soaps, lotions and cleaners are available in balanced scents like lavender and pine, green tea or basil and sage.

We can’t stop telling customers about how fabulous the Mario Batali line is! His cast iron cookware was rated as a number one pick with the top French brand &#emdash; and it costs half as much. We love his unique spin on traditional items, like magnetic measuring spoons and trivets.

Mario Batali’s cast iron pieces include a risotto pan, panini press, dutch oven and four-portion lasagna pan. We’re the only retailer in Cincinnati that carries his full line.

These silicone tools by Mario Batali are safe to 500 degrees and come in vibrant natural shades to complement your tasteful décor. Thanks for taking our virtual tour. Stop by our location to see everything firsthand!